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About the Artist


Sly Chou has been creating jewelry for the past 7 years. It started with the desire to create both affordable and fashionable jewelry. They are a completely self taught resin artist and photographer. Each piece you see here on Coco Rose is designed, handcrafted, and photographed by themself.

A college student at the time, they struggled to find jewelry that was both beautiful and affordable. The range of prices in their collection is intentional, hoping that one can find a beautiful piece that suits ones needs and wallet.

Sly has lived abroad in 4 different countries and also speaks 3 languages. A traveler at heart, their time abroad in Eastern Asia has inspired the fun and colorful jewelry you see as part of their collection.

Along with creating jewelry, they are a passionate advocate for mental illness awareness and LGBTQ rights. They regularly speak at the Richard Mauthe Center at the University of Green Bay on issues concerning mental health and its stigma.

In addition, 5% of each sale from Coco Rose is donated to the Wisconsin Brown County Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Click here to learn more about this organization and the steps it is taking to help those in the community.

Today Sly lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with their fiance.



Where you can find Coco Rose around town:

143 N. Broadway St.
Green Bay, Wisconsin
353 Main Ave
De Pere, WI 54115

Also, be sure to check the Events page to see which local festivals and art shows they will be participating in!